The Best Movies Ever!

Let’s face it–I’m a movie lover.  I love spending two hours or so completely immersed in another world–sometimes foreign, sometimes very familiar.  I love watching characters who so eloquently put into words what we ourselves often can’t find words for.  I love learning how people face and conquer challenges that scare the heck out of us.  I love mysteries, love stories, comedies, horror, and tragedies.  I love when good defeats evil.  I love when the right boy gets the girl.  And yeah–I love popcorn!

Going to the movies has always been an event.  I remember being amazed that Herbie the Love Bug was actually in the lobby of the Brunson theater in Baytown, Texas in 1973.  I remember seeing the re-release of Lawrence of Arabia in a packed theater, sitting on the front row.  Horses’ feet and Peter O’Toole’s blue eyes were humongous!  I remember the first time I heard the THX sound.  Wow!  I remember being blown away by Star Wars, crying at ET, and laughing so hard my face hurt during Weekend at Bernies.  Movies have been the constant companion of my life–always available, always interesting, always a good way to spend a few bucks and a few hours.

Therefore, I’ve put together a list of all of the movies I would like for everyone to see at least once.  You’ve probably seen some of them dozens of times, but your favorites will remain timeless.  Now that I’m old enough–ahem!–to see favorite movies from my youth on Turner Classics, well, let’s just say that I’ve seen enough films to know the good from the bad.  These, my friends and students, are the good…  Enjoy!

(1938) Bringing Up Baby

(1939) Gone With The Wind

(1939) The Wizard of Oz

(1940) The Grapes of Wrath

(1944) Lifeboat

(1946) It’s A Wonderful Life

(1952) Singing in the Rain

(1953) Roman Holiday

(1954) Dial M For Murder

(1957) An Affair To Remember

(1959) Operation Petticoat

(1959) Some Like It Hot

(1960) Psycho

(1962) Lawrence of Arabia

(1962) To Kill A Mockingbird

(1963) The Birds

(1964) Goldfinger

(1964) Mary Poppins

(1965) The Sound of Music

(1966) Fahrenheit 451

(1967) Camelot

(1967) The Graduate

(1967) Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

(1968) 2001: A Space Odyssey

(1968) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

(1968) Funny Girl

(1968) The Lion in Winter

(1968) The Odd Couple

(1968) Rosemary’s Baby

(1969) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

(1969) Hello, Dolly

(1970) The Out of Towners

(1971) Harold and Maude

(1971) A Clockwork Orange

(1971) Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

(1972) The Godfather

(1972) What’s Up, Doc?

(1973) The Exorcist

(1973) The Sting

(1973) The Way We Were

(1974) Benji

(1974) Blazing Saddles

(1974) Young Frankenstein

(1975) The Hiding Place

(1975) Jaws

(1975) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

(1975) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

(1975) Rooster Cogburn

(1976) All The President’s Men

(1976) Carrie

(1976) King Kong

(1976) Rocky

(1976) Sybil

(1977) Close Encounters of the Third Kind

(1977) Roots

(1977) Saturday Night Fever

(1977) Smokey and the Bandit

(1977) Star Wars

(1978) Animal House

(1978) Foul Play

(1978) Grease

(1978) Same Time, Next Year

(1979) 10

(1979) Alien

(1979) Kramer vs. Kramer

(1980) Coal Miner’s Daughter

(1980) The Shining

(1980) Urban Cowboy

(1980) Private Benjamin

(1981) Arthur

(1981) Clash of the Titans

(1981) Excalibur

(1981) History of the World Part I

(1981) On Golden Pond

(1981) Raiders of the Lost Ark

(1981) Stripes

(1982) Blade Runner

(1982) An Officer and a Gentleman

(1982) ET: The Extraterrestrial

(1982) Fast Times at Ridgemont High

(1982) Poltergeist

(1982) Tootsie

(1982) Victor Victoria

(1983) Flashdance

(1983) Silkwood

(1983) The Big Chill

(1983) Terms of Endearment

(1983) Trading Places

(1983) Vacation

(1983) Yentl

(1984) Beverly Hills Cop

(1984) Footloose

(1984) Forrest Gump

(1984) Ghost Busters

(1984) Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan

(1984) The Last Starfighter

(1984) Mass Appeal

(1984) Places in the Heart

(1984) Romancing the Stone

(1984) Sixteen Candles

(1985) The Breakfast Club

(1985) Cocoon

(1985) The Color Purple

(1985) Enemy Mine

(1985) Mask

(1985) Sweet Dreams

(1987) Broadcast News

(1987) Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam

(1987) Dirty Dancing

(1987) Full Metal Jacket

(1987) Moonstruck

(1987) No Way Out

(1987) The Princess Bride

(1987) Wall Street

(1988) Bull Durham

(1988) Coming To America

(1988) Gorillas In The Mist

(1988) Working Girl

(1989) Dead Calm

(1989) Do The Right Thing

(1989) Driving Miss Daisy

(1989) Field of Dreams

(1989) When Harry Met Sally

(1990) Dances With Wolves

(1990) Ghost

(1990) Goodfellas

(1990) Hamlet

(1990) The Handmaid’s Tale

(1990) The Hunt For Red October

(1990) The Long Walk Home

(1991) City Slickers

(1991) Closet Land

(1991) Dead Again

(1991) Fried Green Tomatoes

(1991) Not Without My Daughter

(1991) Once Around

(1991) Shattered

(1991) The Silence of the Lambs

(1992) Chaplin

(1992) Far and Away

(1992) Medicine Man

(1992) My Cousin Vinny

(1992) Reservoir Dogs

(1992) Sister Act

(1993) Demolition Man

(1993) Groundhog Day

(1993) Jurassic Park

(1993) Schindler’s List

(1993) The Piano

(1994) Maverick

(1994) The Shawshank Redemption

(1995) Braveheart

(1996) The Rock

(1996) Fargo

(1997) Face/Off

(1998) Enemy of the State

(1999) The Sixth Sense

(2000) Frequency

(2000) Gladiator

(2000) Memento

(2000) The Patriot

(2001) Monsters, Inc.

(2001) Shrek

(2004) Hotel Rwanda

(2007) Juno

(2008) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

(2008) WALL-E

(2009) Echelon Conspiracy

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